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Pure Elegance

The VS Stud farm is one of the leading & foremost authorities on horse training near Vadodara, with a top-tier clientele. VS Stud Farm is one of its kind that offers versatile facilities like horse riding training, out riding, stabling service and photography service. VS Stud Farm grew from a shared family passion for horses to become one of the biggest private horse-riding schools with their belief that – “riding is for everyone”.

Our Mission

To Spread the knowledge of Horse riding sports. And making passionate people able to live their dreams of horse riding.

Our Vision

By building a trusting relationship with the horse, our vision is to enrich adults and kids' lives along with promoting Horse riding Sports and develop knowledge and train them for this sport.

Our Values

We are committed to being clear and transparent in everything we do. We want to give everyone an equal chance to learn and grow with us.

our trainers

We Have Experienced & Qualified Trainers.

Possessing skills and Knowledge.

we have top notch trainers who have aquired several awards in horse riding and are highly qualified to train you with efficiency.

Lead Trainer

Amaan Khan

Showjumping, Eventing & Tent Pegging.

Showjumping & Tent Pegging

Our Horses

Meet Our Best Breeds of Horses

We have a range of well trained, well maintained and Healthy Breeds of Premium Horses.

@ VS Stud Farm

We Take Good Care of Your Horses
at Our Farm

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